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WB Consulting offers quality web design services for small to medium businesses.  Your web site design is the life blood of your company, it is the first impression your clients get and the avenue for your businesses revenue. It simply has to function well and be attractive.

Take a moment and ask yourself:

  • Does your company’s web site get enough traffic?
  • Does your site effectively converting this traffic to leads or sales?
  • Does your web site funnel your clients to the pages that close sales?
  • Does your current web site design solve your customer’s problems?


If your web site under performs in any of these areas, contact us today for a free consultation on how we can help your web performance.  We specialize in turning underperforming web sites into sites designs that funnel properly, and convert traffic to sales.  We use a ‘Vertical’ web site design strategy when creating web sites and focus on these core methodology principles.

  • Good content, is at the heart of any successful site design.
  • Creation of micro sites for ‘Vertical’ web design strategy.
  • Search Engine Optimization of the entire site.
  • Optimization of ‘Vertical’ Design hubs.
  • Analyse web site traffic, funneling and training on how to use this data to continually improve performance.


Contact us today to find out how these 5 steps can change your businesses web site strategy,  increase your traffic, drive up your conversion rate and drive down your bounce rate.  After all, what good is web site traffic if your current design does not convert it to leads or sales?

Our Vertical Design Strategy

Our Vertical Web Design Strategy™ is based on the marketing sales ladder and researching customer engagement reactions.  When your customer arrives at your web site, they are in 1 of 6 states or stages of awareness.

  • Stage 0: Customers just looking on the web, unaware a problem exists.
  • Stage 1: They are aware they have a problem but don’t know a solution exists.
  • Stage 2: They are aware a solutions exist, but not your specific solution.
  • Stage 3: Your customer is aware of your solution, but not it’s benefits.
  • Stage 4: They are aware of your solution and it’s benefits, but just not yet convinced that your solution is the best for them.
  • Stage 5: They are aware, and ready to buy from you.  All you have to do is close the deal.

Our Vertical Web Design Strategy is geared to use keyword analysis to find search engine traffic based on these sales ladder stages and funnel your customers to pages designed to meet their state of mind on your solution.

Contact WB Consulting today to talk to us about your web sites solutions and our Vertical Design Methodology.  Our Web Design Services are affordable and we always think about SEO and web site usability.

Example, How Does Our Strategy Work?

Lets say your business is selling a revolutionary product for dogs, a pillow to ease separation anxiety!  What do you think people are searching for to find you?  Separation Anxiety, Canine Separation Anxiety, etc.  These keywords are riddled with articles on animal separation anxiety issues, which muddies the waters for you and your web sites sales.  We were at stage 0 on this product, not even knowing a problem existed.  We have two dogs and we were simply looking at web sites, just browsing.

So, not knowing this product existed but looking for something new for our dog, we typed in “new dog” and Google suggested, “new dog products 2011”, loved that, we clicked search.  The #6 result caught our eye with “Welcome to Hugs Pet Products”.  Great looking site and the third product down, is your pillow!

What do you do with the traffic now?
Now, the bigger question is, you have traffic on your businesses web site, what are you doing with it?  Being at a sales ladder stage 0, we need to be told what the product is, what it does, and why it would benefit us.  This is where our vertical web design really shines.  If your landing page for this product doe not properly sell the item for us, we bounce to the next web site.  Conversely, if you try to sell a stage 5 customer a stage 0 page, they may be overwhelmed.

Contact WB Consulting today to discuss our vertical web design methodology and how it can benefit your business.  Ask us how affordable our web design services truly are.

Traditional Design Flaws

Most web site designs are not much more than a brochure for their client.  What we are proposing to you is…

  • Your web presence has the ability to have near unlimited real estate, use it!
  • Your customers are not walking into a store, you no longer “capture them” by a visit, they are one short click away from going back to Google and your competitors.
  • Like my friend Bill Stinnett says, “Think Like Your Customer”, they are looking for a solution, not a brochure.

Contact WB Consulting today to talk to us about your web sites solutions.  WB Consulting offers affordable web design services to small and medium size businesses.

The Opportunity!

When you analyze the Google results page, there are no advertisers at all targeting this keyword (Google AdWords) and only 1 site that has “New Dog Products” in the title.  What does this mean?  This means you could hold the #1 spot on Google for this keyword probably by simply changing your title (hugpetproducts) to “Hug Pet Products : New Dog Products 2011”.  Our campaign would take this in greater depth, but you get the point.

Contact WB Consulting today to talk to us about your web sites solutions, and be sure to ask how affordable our web design services are!

Existing Web Site Redesign Work

If your current web site is not performing as it should,  job#1 will be to get it performing.  This might be as easy as targeting different keywords or creating a better landing page for your AdWords account.  Regardless of the reasons your site is underperforming, our goals will be three fold.

  • Get the existing site converting traffic to leads or sales as soon as possible.
  • Talk with you about redesign ideas no matter how big or small they might be to get the site performing as it should.
  • Discuss an SEO campaign designed to bring in traffic to the home page as well as specific landing pages to convert traffic.


Contact WB Consulting today to talk to us about your existing web site and how affordable our web design services are.

Your Web Site Solution

If a customer is looking for a solution to a problem, and unaware one exists, you have to not only tell them about the solution, but explain the benefits of your product(s) as well.  This means your stage 2 pages are very different from your stage 3 and 4 pages.

YES, we are suggesting that you setup a web presence for each stage of customer awareness for your business or product.  Yes, this means your site will balloon up from its 30-50 pages now, to probably over 100.  We will also suggest that you build a blog section if you have not done so yet and write articles.

What does this do for your businesses web site?  It gives your site more opportunity to catch customers with keywords as well as showing Google that your site has great content for search engine results.

While we are talking about search engine results, we don’t write pages that sound like some IT guy wrote them sticking in “Dog Pillow” at every opportunity.  It is our philosophy that Google wants to return the best RESULTS to their customers, not the best page with the most keywords on them.  With the advent of Social Marketing and Networking, Google will and has taken more into account, social book marking.  How do you take advantage of this new social revolution?  Write good content for your pages, good marketing PR content and don’t stuff keywords.  Let us, the SEO experts take care of the optimization strategies for you, but don’t let them destroy your brilliantly written product pages.

Contact WB Consulting today to talk to us about your web sites productiveness.  Find out just how affordable our professional web design services are!


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