Mobile Web Design Services

Web Services DFW offers mobile web design services for medium to small businesses.  Your web site is the most important communication piece between your business and your customer.  Even if you only get two new customers a month from a mobile site, this is definitely worth the ROI when our base mobile design costs $500.00.

Some Mobile Device / Mobile Web Specs for You:

  • 1 out of 5 Americans currently access the web from their mobile phones every day.
  • Half of all consumers are more likely to buy from a business with a Mobile Website.
  • 1 out of 3 mobile searches are local searches.


How Does the Mobile Site Work?
Your mobile web site will receive all mobile traffic, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.  The normal site will detect a mobile device is accessing it and it will divert that traffic to your mobile site, usually  Your content, message and brand would not change, your web sites focus would remain intact.  All we would do is take your sites design, and alter it to fit a mobile device.  Lastly, we will add a link for mobile clients to use the normal site if they would like to see the full site design.
Do I Really Need a Mobile Web Site Design?
Well obviously we think yes, but lets approach this from another perspective.  You are a business owner, you probably own a smart phone with internet access, how often do you browse the web from your phone.  How many times have you been out and wanted to look at a businesses web site, needed a service and you were on your cell phone browsing.  How many times have you done this and found a site hard to navigate and slow.  Now imagine if every site was fast, easy to navigate and concise.  Imagine how much faster you could move around on the site and get into a buying position.  As we said earlier, even if you only get two new customers per month, how long will it take to gain ROI on the $500.00 investment to have a mobile site created.
Our Design Process
Our approach to design is simple, make the navigation quick, easy and any visuals, make them as large as they can display on devices.  Lastly, think like your customer!  This philosophy is at the heart of all of our design techniques.  After all, if you are not converting traffic into leads / sales why are you spending money on a web site?

The first step in our design process is to talk to you, we want to be sure we meet all your goals and understand your businesses needs.  Once we do that, we will work up a graphic mock up for you, and discuss these processes with you.  Lastly, we will always be responsive to you, even after the sale!  We hear from customer after customer that tell us, they were happy with their previous designer, but they just do n0t respond to them now.  Contact us today, we are always there for our customers!


 Mobile Web Design Pricing


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